Web Programming and Administration

Clientside programming with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Serverside programming with PHP and MySQL. Planning and designing database structures and Instructional Modules.

Software Development

Software development and design with Visual Basic .Net, C# and Java.

Videogame Development

Videogame programming with C#, C++ and HTML5. Work with game engines like Unity3D, Game Maker Studio, Unreal Engine, Construct2 among others.

App Development

App development for Android devices.


16 years experience in Web Development.
13 years experience in Software Development.
11 years experience in Videogame Development.


Master's Degree in Multimedia Design

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) - Barcelona, Spain

Master's Degree in Videogame Creation and Programming

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) - Barcelona, Spain

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with concentration on Information Systems (BCIT)

University of Puerto Rico - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Associate's Degree in Civil Engineering

Technological Institute of Puerto Rico (ITPR) - Ponce, Puerto Rico


Character Design for Video Games

California Institute of the Arts - Coursera Online

Certification #YJG5MJZ2MYHT

Creation and Maintenance of Websites

University of Puerto Rico - Mayag├╝ez, Puerto Rico

Certification #UPR-Certification

Gamification Level 1

by Gabe Zichermann - Udemy Online

Certification #UC-MR7F1ZFY

Logo Design Fundamentals

by Andrew Boehm - Udemy Online

Certification #UC-YKW7REQ8

Android App Development

by Pablo Farias Navarro, Mohit Deshpande - Udemy Online

Certification #UC-C7GZULPD